Advisor Opportunities

Are you looking to retire or sell your practice within the next few years?

Boyer Ramey Wealth Management Group offers several transition options depending on when you want to retire.

Help Yourself and Your Clients by Choosing Boyer Ramey Wealth Management Group

  • Financial Incentive – We have the financial resources and flexibility to create a competitive compensation plan designed to work for you and your retirement timeline.
  • Right Home – Boyer Ramey Wealth Management Group has the resources, experience, and service to help ensure your clients are properly cared for when you exit the industry.

How We Can Help You Prepare to
Exit the Industry and Protect Your Legacy

Our Environment

  • Over 45 years of combined experience
  • Commitment to delivering clarity, confidence, and structure
  • Boutique-style client service experience


  • Two Certified Financial Planners
  • Available office space
  • Open to acquiring offices in new cities
  • Access to strategic partners for marketing, technology, and HR support
  • Bandwidth to expand advisory staff and take on new clients
  • Administrative support

Transition Support

  • Transition services so you can focus on your clients
  • Seamless initial set-up

Succession Planning

  • Partner with our advisors to protect your family and clients future.